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Basic Division for iPad

4.4 ( 7584 ratings )
Ігри Освіта Навчальні Головоломки
Розробник: Study By APP, LLC
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Study by APP offers elementary school students a great way to master their basic division skills.. This application gives students plenty of practice with basic division problems from division by 1 all the way through division by 12.

The goal? Study by App, uses an audio based flashcard system to keep the user engaged through the learning process. Our flashcard application randomly scrambles the division problems each time the app is run to keep the problems fresh for the young learners mind.

It is our hope that you will be able to effectively learn on the go with Study by APP at your own pace. The latest educational research shows that students learn best when exposed to smaller batches of material. When you have fifteen minutes to devote to study twice a day, Study by APP is the tool to use.